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The Purpose

Even if one is recommended or needed, not everyone will choose to see a mental health counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, life coach, etc. due to various constraints. Sometimes it's finances that dictates that decision. Sometimes it's one's culture. Sometimes it's just a personal decision. Although I believe that everyone could use a good counselor, I also firmly believe that writing can be a powerful and life-changing tool as much, if not sometimes more than a professional, at least for those that choose learn to use its power.

My name is Holly and I am a teacher, speaker, writer, mother, wife, and counselor among other things. I have been in the education field for over 16 years now, teaching and counseling middle school and high school students while doing my best to help them reach their optimal potential. I have two children of my own that have experienced their own unique struggles. Some of them we are still trying to figure out and work through.

Ultimately, I hope that this blog encourages growth. Without growth, we die mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My desire is that Writing Therapy gives readers tools, knowledge, and encouragement to overcome daily challenges and life's adversities...by writing through one line at a time.